Educational Training
Future Medicine Practitioner

New & revolutionary
Your personal Online Training to learn the most important facts to work as educated Future-Medicine-Practitioner
An online course,
that is uncompromisingly geared towards health.

Immune building, sustainable health,
Regulation optimization, stress reduction,
neural transformation,

Target group
Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Coaches, Spa Houses,
Sanatoriums, Wellness Hotels.

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Welcome to this exciting course

Get to know and apply the highly effective and future-oriented methods of a health-focused healing strategy with pleasure. Get to know methods from "energy and regulation medicine" as well as bio-cybernetics and coaching, and intervene deep into the mitochondrial metabolic level. Lead patients and clients out of the abyss of exhaustion and discouragement into a phase of life that leads and sustains recovery.

The course is ideally suited
to optimize the offer in medical and naturopathic practices and to prepare for the future. It is just as suitable for acquiring basic professional healing workflows, which are valuable for every therapist, every counselor, every coach.

The course lasts six months with weekly online sessions of 1 hour each. The appointments are carried out individually. You can take part from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, for example like my student Anna-Lena, who is currently taking part on the beach in front of her house in Thailand. We can arrange vacation dates in advance and include them in the planning.

The quality feature of this online course
Individual scheduling and implementation in order to achieve the best possible results, this online course is carried out face-to-face. So you get training with individual support all in one. This is how the high qualification of this training can be realized.

The course will take place online
and we work one hour per week during half a year. We usually use Skype.

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Professor Dr. Poeggeler
This study is about the basics and about the healing possibilities of biophysical grounding, calibration and coupling. Resonance, regulation and regeneration form the triad of every living system throughout life. These are the real and effective building blocks for future-oriented medicine. And they prove to be convincing and effective.
Look through ...
Read the (German language) whitepaper for a broad overview of the methods you will learn to use. To do this, click on the picture below.

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For your Information
Read interesting facts about training in this informative information flyer with facts, book tips and price information. To do this, click on the picture above.

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Statements from students
from three different countries

I think this training is wonderful. Only then does it become clear how scientifically sound and how complex this topic is.
Dr. med. Ute Kehyayan
Psychiatric Medical Doctor

This online training to become a Future Medicine Practitioner, which is unique to me, is extremely entertaining, personal and, above all, scientifically founded and peppered with the latest findings. This miraculous series of knowledge not only serves to improve one's own health, but also, as a result, of the clients as well as the general process of becoming aware that will be necessary in the future.
Barbara Laurent
Energy coach

The beginning of the training began as a simple organ game, good but easy. And then suddenly it became a complete Bach fugue. Very wonderful content, fantastic and instructive. Thanks alot.
Dr. med. Judith Mader
Medical Doctor

The medical ethnologist Christian Appelt explains in an entertaining, easily understandable form the possible uses of healing frequency patterns in the audio frequency range (sound patterns), always based on the secured scientific foundation. In addition, there is a lot of information from the areas of useful food supplements or the area of ​​grounding, etc. I use this knowledge for myself and my family as a preventive measure and in addition to conventional medicine. Recommended - help with self-preventive health care!
Heinz Hofmann
Holistic Architect

Great training, competent and built with a lot of passion. Lots of new and meaningful suggestions for everyday practice with surprising potential for success.
Dr. med. Bruno Weber & Miriam Good-Weber
General practitioners

High-quality training, conveyed in a comprehensible manner and closely accompanied by interlocking complex topics from medicine, the latest research and medicine, in order to recognize and apply new relationships.
Jutta Reiff

My wife and I enjoyed a super interesting and exciting apprenticeship! Thank you very much for this really great time. We are now looking forward to bringing what we have learned into our world and creating something new. We are now in the process of developing a new type of coaching that we will offer private individuals as well as companies. The training is incredibly diverse and we dive into unimagined areas. We are very enthusiastic about how the whole thing is super coherent and comprehensible. The very comprehensive approach convinces us, so that we are happy to apply this knowledge and to pass it on.
Diana and Thomas Eggimann

I met Christian Appelt more than five years ago through a colleague in my working group in Cologne. At that time he presented the Omega-Energetics-System in its practical application to the colleagues and explained the functionality of the Bio-12-Code, which is based on strict physical laws. I was immediately enthusiastic about it and use the system in addition to my main work, osteopathy, to balance the patients. Two medical full versions from Omega-Energetics are in use. In the beginning, however, the application was mainly limited to balancing on the physical level and some modules eke out a rather neglected existence. So I was very grateful when Christian Appelt offered me the FMP training as part of a workshop. Because in these very entertaining, scientifically sound webinar sessions, a number of connections became much clearer to me. The training structure is dynamically networked across topics and follows a more holistic, holistic approach. In the clearly structured training I was finally able to reassemble the building blocks from many complex subject areas and significantly improve the quality of the treatment and the therapy result.
Uwe Rathay DO.CN

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